• WeeeBot 3-in-1 STEM robot kit
  • WeeeBot 3-in-1 STEM robot kit
  • WeeeBot 3-in-1 STEM robot kit
  • WeeeBot 3-in-1 STEM robot kit
  • WeeeBot 3-in-1 STEM robot kit
  • WeeeBot 3-in-1 STEM robot kit
  • WeeeBot 3-in-1 STEM robot kit
  • WeeeBot 3-in-1 STEM robot kit

Kit de robô STEM WeeeBot 3 em 1

WeeeBot is a 3-in-1 STEM robot kit that consists of powerful mainboard ELF, anodized aluminum mechanics, and smart modular electronics system. 3 forms to assemble: WeeeBot Coding Car, Smart Lamp, Distance measuring robot.

WeeeBot is an entry-level STEAM education robot kit, developed in robot construction platform WeeeMake. 
• To embrace the STEAM trend in world-wide education system, we developed WeeeBot to help students get hands-on coding and robotic experience. 
• Focusing on teaching, learning, having fun experience for Math, Technology, Computer Science courses. 
• Support WeeeBot (Scratch 3.0) and Arduino IDE coding. Support APP control in both IOS and Android platform.


1.Three-wheel Robot Car
2.Distance Measure Robot
3.Smart Lamp
Robot Kit
Robot Kit
Robot Kit

Habilidade prática aprimorada Com peças mecânicas pesadas, módulos eletrônicos fáceis de usar como placa-mãe ELF, sensor ultrassônico RGB, sensor de linha de seguimento, sensor de luz, sensor de som, campainha, LED RGB, IR receptor, módulo Bluetooth, você pode obter uma experiência prática aprimorada em carro robô que é programável de forma sem fio.

Easy but Powerful WeeeCode, Support Scratch & Arduino Programming
WeeeBot Jeep is fully compatible with WeeeCode which is a graphical programming environment based on Scratch 3.0 Open-Source Code. It makes programming projects and interactive applications easier through simply dragging and dropping function blocks. Learning programming is way more fun when your code controls a robot. Based around an Arduino board, this kit will teach you all about programming a micro-controller board to control physical objects using sensors.
Robot Kit

Control and Code by One Touch
WeeeMake APP is a control and program application designed for Weeemake robot. It provides six modes to play with your robot such as manual control, line-following, obstacle avoidance, music, voice control, and coding. 

Easy Wiring
Modules in this kit all equipped with RJ11 ports for easy wiring. Just by connecting the modules together, robots can be built in a quick way. All the wiring is simple and very clean.
Robot Kit

16 Chapters, 36 Courses Lesson Plan
Não. Nome Hora de Aprendizagem Turma da Escola
1 Entre no Mundo dos Robôs 90 minutos 2 lições
2 Luzes Neon Coloridas 90 minutos 2 lições
3 Pequenos Artistas 90 minutos 2 lições
4 Robô, corra! 90 minutos 2 lições
5 Robôs obedientes 90 minutos 2 lições
6 Jogos Pin-wall 180 minutos 3 lições
7 Robôs Dançantes 90 minutos 2 lições
8 Jogos de Elefante Voador 180 minutos 3 lições
9 Pequeno Pianista 90 minutos 2 lições
10 O segredo do Som e da Luz 90 minutos 2 lições
11 Robô Inteligente 90 minutos 2 lições
12 Robô de linha WeeeBot 90 minutos 2 lições
13 Meu parceiro de aprendizagem 90 minutos 2 lições
14 Matriz LED fria 180 minutos 3 lições
15 Cobra Gulosa 180 minutos 3 lições
16 Desafios do robô WeeeBot 90 minutos 2 lições

Placa-mãe ELF

WEEEMAKE ELF mainboard is designed on the basis of modular design style whose microchip is replaceable. This high-performance mainboard is designed for education.

1. Replaceable microchip: Support ATMEGA-328P, ESP32 chip, etc
2. Same port for motor driver and sensor pin port, easy to use. 
3. Random wiring, work with WeeeCode and Arduino.
Robot Kit
Tensão de Operação: 6-12V
Porta de fiação: 1x porta MCU (ATmega 328p ou ESP32)
  4x porta RJ11
  2 x porta do motor da C.C.
  6 x porta de conversão de pinos (4 dos quais podem ser porta de motor stepper/encoder/dc)
  1 x porta de comunicação sem fio (Bluetooth 2.4G)
  1x porta USB (tipo B)
Eletrônica embarcada: 1x Cigarrinha
  1x Botão
  1x LED RGB
Softare: WeeeCode (Scratch 3.0)
  Arduino IDE

Sensor ultra-sônico RGB

The RGB ultrasonic sensor is an electronic module used to measure the distance with a measurement range of 4 cm to 500 cm. It can be used to help a car avoid obstacles or other projects related to ranging. The ultrasonic transmitter send ultrasonic wave in a certain direction and start counting time. The ultrasonic wave spreads in the air, and when the obstacle is encountered on the way, it returns immediately. The ultrasonic receiver immediately stops timing while receives the reflection wave. The transmission speed of the sound wave in the air is 340m/s. According to the time (T) recorded by the timer, the distance (S) between the transmitting point and obstacle is calculated, that is, S = 340*T/2.

At the same time, both ultrasonic probes has an built -in RGB LED light.
Robot Kit
Tensão 5V DC
Ângulo de detecção ≤30°
Faixa de detecção 4-500 centímetros
Resolução 1cm
Frequência ultra-sônica 42kHz
Ângulo da sonda 60°±15°
Tamanho 100 x 32 x 30 milímetros
Porta de fiação 4P4C RJ11
Comunicação MCU de 1 fio integrado

Sensor de Seguimento de Linha de Dupla Via

The line-following sensor is using the feature of infrared that will get different reflection strength on the difference color surface. During the driving process of the robot car, the line-following sensor continued to transmit infrared light to the ground. When infrared light encountered a white surface, a long reflection occurred and the receiver on the sensor will receive those reflected infrared; When infrared light encountered a black surface, the infrared light is absorbed, and sensor’s receiver cannot receive infrared or receive very few. The position of the black or white line is determined by whether to receive the infrared light returned from the reflection or not.

The double-way line-following sensor has two groups of infrared transmitter and receiver tube S1, S2.
Robot Kit
Tensão C.C. 5V
Faixa de detecção 1~2cm
Comunicação 1 fio
Comprimento de onda de pico da onda reflexiva 940nm
Dimensões 55 x 24 x 18,5 milímetros
Cablagem 4P4C RJ11

Painel LED Matrix

The LED panel matrix screen is composed of a blue LED light into a matrix, which can control display numbers, letters or symbols. The LED distribution is 5 rows multiple 7 columns. The sensor comes with a half-transparent black cover.

Robot KitRobot Kit
Tensão C.C. 5V
Temperatura de Trabalho 0 ~ 70 °C
Cor do LED Azul
Matriz 7*21
Comunicação 1 fio
Dimensões 94 x 30,5 x 12 milímetros
Cablagem 4P4C RJ11

Sensor de Luz

Light sensor is a sensor based on the principle of optoelectronic effects of semiconductor (converting optical signals into electrical signals). It can detect the light intensity of the environment around the sensor, convert the strength of light into a electrical signal, and transmit it to the mainboard.
Robot Kit
Tensão C.C. 5V
Sinal de saída Analógico
Largura de banda espectral 400nm-700nm
Defasagem Operacional 15EUA
Valor de retorno 0-1023
Dimensões 15 x 12,7x 16 milímetros
Cablagem 5 Pinos

Sensor de Som

Sound Sensor converts the voice signal to electrical signal based on a microphone. It can be used to detect the sound intensity in the surrounding environment. The detected volume is enlarged by computing amplifier, and then transmitted to the mainboard. It can be used to do interactive projects, such as voice control switches, volume control robot car, etc.
Robot Kit
Tensão C.C. 5V
Sinal de saída Analógico
Sensibilidade do microfone (1 khz) 52-56dB
Frequência do microfone 16-20Khz
Valor de retorno 0-900
Dimensões 15 x 12,7x 16 milímetros
Cablagem 5 Pinos

Receptor IR

The IR receiver has a component that can detect about 38kh IR signal, which can receive infrared signals emitted by IR remote control. IR remote control is currently using the most widely used communication and remote control methods, with the advantages of small size, low power consumption, and strong signal, etc.
Robot Kit
Tensão C.C. 5V
Frequência 38KHZ
Comprimento de onda de pico do infravermelho 940 NM
Ângulo de recepção do sinal 90°
Distância de Trabalho 10 metros
Comunicação NEC
Dimensões 15 x 12,7x 16 milímetros
Cablagem 5 Pinos

Controle Remoto IR

IR remote controller is a common used remote control device. It has an IR transmitting light. When pressing the buttons on the remote control, a specific IR light signal will be emitted. This signal is received by the IR receiver and interpreted the signal.
Robot Kit
Tensão DC 3V (célula botão CR2025, não incluída)
Frequência 38KHZ
Quantidade do botão 21
Ângulo de emissão de sinal 60°
Distância de Trabalho 8 metros
Comunicação NEC
Dimensões 90 x 41x 12 milímetros
Vida útil do botão 80000 vezes

Módulo Bluetooth 4.1

This Bluetooth module is designed for remote control. It can connect to the mobile phone Bluetooth, computer Bluetooth, Bluetooth dongle, etc. Not only can it be remotely controlled robots, but also wireless programming, download program, etc.
Robot Kit
Tensão C.C. 5V
Modo Bluetooth BT4.1 (BLE)
Frequência 2,4 GHz-2,48 GHz
Transmissão 4dBm máximo
Distância de Trabalho 20 metros (sem barreira)
Comunicação UART
Dimensões 25,7 x 20,8 x 3,5 milímetros
Cablagem Alfinete
SKU: 161002
Mainboard: ELF
Sensor & Motor: 
1 x RGB ultrasonic sensor
1 x Double-way line-following sensor
1 x 7*21 LED matrix panel module
2 x TT Motor (High-speed type)
1 x Light sensor
1 x Sound sensor
1 x IR reciver
1 x IR remote control
1 x Bluetooth 4.1 module